office thermalisme

Trois Eaux Thalasso


office thermalisme

Africa Jade

Korba - Nabeul 


Management Bodies


The Office of thermalism and hydrotherapy is administrated by A General Director who is responsible for:

  • Presiding the councils and the committees ( medical committee , Permanent Bottled Water Advisory Committee)
  • Ensuring the administrative and financial and technical direction
  • Concluding contracts in the form and conditions prescribed by legislation and regulations
  • Monitor  the objective contracts enforcement
  • Stop the estimation budgets of operating and investment and financing plan
  • Stop the financial statements
    Propose the institution’s organization, the special status of the stuff and its compensation in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Monitor the acquisitions and real estate activity within the institution in accordance with laws and regulations
  • Take steps to recover debts of the institutions
  • Perform any work travel in the activity of the institution and entrusted to him by the regulator

Works council

To examine and advise on:

  • Contracts and their implementations
  • Financial statements
  • The institution’s organization, special status of its stuff and their compensation
  • Contracts and agreements entered into by the institutions
  • Acquisitions, transactions and real estate’s transactions within the institution’s business
  • Generally, any activity of the institution referred to it by the executive chief


  • A representative of the prime ministry
  • 2 representatives of the ministry of Tourism and Commerce
  • A representative of the ministry of public health
  • A representative of the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation;
  • A representative of the Ministry of Finance;
  • A representative of the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Physical Planning;
  • A representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Solidarity;
  • A representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources;