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office thermalisme

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EC Permanent Committee


The committee is appointed on the proposal of the general manager by order of The Minister of Tourism after obtaining the opinion of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Agriculture consists of:

  • A director of environmental health and environmental protection to the ministry of health
  • A medical director of the national institute of nutrition and food technology
  • Chief of the water resources at the ministry of agriculture
  • The laboratory director of the office of cures
  • Director of fraud prevention, the ministry of national economy
  • A professor of hydrotherapy
  • President general manager of the national institute of standardization and industrial and industrial property
  • The general manager of the national office of thermalism and hydrotherapy chairs meetings of the committee. He may invite any person deemed to be particularly competent in any matter on the agenda of this committee
  • The committee meets when convened by its chairman whenever it deems necessary.


  • Define programs of research to be undertaken by the Office in the area of packaged water
  • Answer any technical advice request made by the Minister of health or any other body or person or entity with an interest in water conditioning
  • Deliberate on the results of the administrative investigations prior to granting concessions for water items for packaging
  • Consider the results of hydro geological studies concerning water points where water is to be conditioned and offer their standing
  • Advice the Ministry of Health on the changes in the catchment and changes in physic-chemical characteristics of packages waters by operators
  • In addition, the permanent bottled water advisory committee is available on all technical , administrative economic legislative or regulatory issues relating to the use of bottled water.