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Order Order of the Minister of Health dated 31 December 2015
Order of the Minister of Health dated 31 December 2015, completing and amending the order dated 20 October 2004, relating to the administrative services provided by the departments belonging to the Ministry of Public Health and their granting conditions.
Decree 2013-717
Decree No. 2013-717 of 15 Junuary 2013, determining the administrative and financial organization of The National Office of Thermalism ad Hydrotherapy
Decree 2011-52
Decree-law No. 2011-52 of 6 June 2011, amending and supplementing Law No. 75-58 of 14 June 1975 establishing the Office of Thermalism.
Decree 2009-2635
Decree No. 2009-2635 of 14 September 2009, fixing the conditions for granting and withdrawing functional position within the Office of Thermalism
Order 2008
Order of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium Enterprises of October 16, 2008 , about approval of the Tunisian standards for natural mineral water and packaged drinking water
Decree 2008-2864
Decree N° 2008-2864 2008-2864 of 11 august 2008, about changing the guardianship of the Office of thermalism