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An Ayurvedic process. A deeply penetrating herbal oil massage that relaxes body and mind, breaks up impurities, and stimulates circulation of blood and lymph. Aids in detoxifying tissues and increase
bodily awareness.


An ancient oriental painless technique that involves implanting needles in different parts of the body in order to cure diseases.


This treatment consists of breathing saturated micro droplets of sea water.
It combines the spray of sea water and essential eucalyptus oil with negative ionization to clean the nasal mucosa.
Artificial aerosols are made by plastic generators with nylon filters.
They are recommended for nasopharyngitis and are part of the anti-smoking treatment

affusion shower massage

Massage given under a relaxing, rain-like, warm shower of water or seawater. Increases blood circulation

algae bath

This therapeutic cares consists of a heated seawater bath enriched with crushed seaweed.
Seawater improves the penetration of trace elements, and the bubbling accelerates the bio-chemical exchanges.
Indeed, seaweeds rehydrate and firm skins, promote the nutrition and the growth of cells while toning the dermis fibers.
Seaweeds are also very rich in minerals. Those elements are provided in well absorbed organic form and are essential for development and biological functioning  
These properties prevent the apparition of wrinkles or attenuate them if already established.  
Finally, algae clean the skin and improve the functioning of weat and sebaceous glands which has a preventing and correcting effect on many common dermatological disorders.

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