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office thermalisme

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Decree 2007-3016
Decree N° 2007-3016 of 27 november 2007 establishing the organization of the Office of thermalism
Order 2007
Order of the Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of Solidarity and Tunisians Abroad, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Public Health April 11, 2007, due to the fact of covering the care and accommodation of insured persons in spas.
Decree 2006-3174
Decree N° 2006-3174 of 30 november 2006 setting out the standards and conditions for the establishment and operation of health spas
Order 2004
Order of the Minister of Tourisme and crafts of 08 March 2004 approving the specifications setting out the general terms of organization, operation and production in the area of packaged water.
Decree 2003-1677
Decree N° 2003-1677 of 11 August 2003, amending and supplementing Decree No. 94-539 of 10 March 1994 fixing the premiums, lists of articles and infrastructure projects and public utilities that are eligible for encouragements under regional development.
Decree 2003-1080
Decree N° 2003-1080 of 05 May 2003 amending and supplementing Decree No. 99-483 of 1 March 1999 concerning delimitation of encouraging regional development zones.