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office thermalisme

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Medical Committee


  • The committee appointed on the proposal of the COE by order of the minister of tourism after consultation with the minister public health , consists of :
    • A medical inspector of the Ministry of public health
    • A director of the Pasteur Institute in Tunis
    • A unit manager of clinical laboratories at the ministry of public health
    • A medical director of The National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology
    • 3 aggregated professors
    • A professor of hydrotherapy
  • The COE of the office of Thermalism and hydrotherapy  may invite any person deemed particularly competent of any item on the agenda of the committee
  • The committee meets when convened by its president whenever it deems necessary


  • Define research programs to be undertaken by the office in the thermal and hydrotherapy domain.
  • Make an inventory of thermal studies undertaken by the medical staff of the Office
  • Study and propose the necessary improvements in personnel and equipment to carry out the missions of care, training and research entrusted to the office in the thermal domain.
  • Answer any technical advice request made by any organization concerned with  matters within the Office ‘s activities