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office thermalisme

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Commitee Of Thermalism and Spa

The commitee of thermalism and spa is composed of the following members:
The president : the general director of the National Office of thermalism and Hydrotherapy

  • Three representatives of the National Office of Thermalism and Hydrotherapy
  • A representative of the National Tourist Office,
  • A representative of the Tourism Real Estate Agency,
  • A representative of the Directorate for Private Health Activities of the Ministry of Health,A representative of the National Agency for Environmental Protection.

The General Director of the Office of Thermalism and Hydrotherapy can also invite representatives of regional central government departments, public bodies and local authorities involved depending on the location of the project.


The Committee of thermalism and spa is mainly responsible for giving its opinion particularly on the following issues:

  • Requests to obtain concessions
  • Applications for authorizations
  • Classification and its revision.

And generally, the Committee is responsible for reviewing and issuing its opinion on all matters relating to thermalism and spa that are provided by the concerned authorities